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The Empowering Futures Podcast Network

Nov 10, 2020

He went from a LifeMethod client to coach.  Tom Riley is our guest today to discuss what is The LifeMethod and how it changed his life.  

Oct 23, 2020

Our guest this week talking Medicare and health care planning is Financial Architects' own Chris Besonen.  How should you approach the Medicare election period which ends December 7?  Chris answers the questions.  

Sep 28, 2020

How creative has the "Creative Group" gotten during this time?  Our guest today is Jay Johnson, CEO of Coeus Creative Group specializing in marketing, training and development, coaching, and strategy.  

Sep 15, 2020

We go inside the classroom with one of the top teachers in our state.  U of D Jesuit English Department Chair Dan Hill talks about teaching during the pandemic.  

Aug 6, 2020

Detroit Sports Radio Icon Mike "Stoney" Stone is our guest on today's show.  He chats with Matt Dery about how he is coping with the death of his close friend and radio partner Jamie Samuelsen.